Why You Have to Move Those Left Feet?

Research suggest that even one single dance can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

🎼 It’s just like a pill. The science behind it is that dance, as well as physical activity help brain cells, produce endorphins which are chemicals that disguise pain just like a painkiller but one without side effects.

🎼 Let’s face it! Talking about feelings is awkward. One of the biggest challenges of mental illness is the ability to communicate emotions. Dance sessions in some cases work better than regular therapy because it helps participants communicate through movement and expression.

🎼“I don’t think I can’t dance, Can I just do any exercise” Any type of physical activity can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression but none work as well as dancing. Why? Because your brain gets special stimulation when you listen to music you like and your body’s response is to move to the beat. A study conducted by The Arts in Psychotherapy has agreed that listening to music helps the brain produce dopamine, another chemical that stimulates feelings of reward and pleasure, like the one you feel when you eat your favourite food 🍫(bonus diet tip 😉).

Remember, dancing is a mechanical response, everybody is capable of doing it. So if you think you have two left feet, maybe you need to dance the music you really love, call it reggae, hip-hop, alternative or rock (yes! Rock is danceable 🎸)

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