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Why Calgary Over Toronto?

"I am in Toronto and I got this view, but I might as well be in a hotel room..." says Shawn Mendes in his song "If I can't have you". I have totally sung this song in my brain while staring through the balcony of the flat we rented in Toronto. If you've been following me for a while, you might know that Musical Sports was born in Toronto. I had just turned my dance fitness passion into a career, and I had the opportunity to teach at wonderful locations in this city. However, my husband's job took a new turn and the possibility to leave Toronto was at the door. I was devastated at the beginning because of the possibility to leave behind the career I just started building. I attended a networking event hosted by Our Little Venice, which helped me put myself into the position of doer in spite of the obstacles that might come ahead.

Even Though, we left Toronto due to work relocation, it allowed me to open up to different perspectives. I thought that if I was curious about the differences between Toronto and Calgary, the place where I am living right now, somebody could benefit from this information.

I made this video, which beyond comparing two already different places, intends to demonstrate that purpose will always be the driver of your life, no matter what and where.

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