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5 Tips About Starting a Healthy Lifestyle No Fitness Guru Will Tell You

Apart from fitness gurus, only a few people (we secretly hate) on social media maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you ask yourself why you can't? The bad news is that you can't copy other people's lifestyle. The good news is that you are really close to live your own best life if you are willing to twist your perception.

1. Make it count

We all have that blessed friend (we secretly hate) who eats and eats without gaining a quarter of a pound. I will tell you a secret, she is eating what you got out of your diet because you thought it would make you fat. Getting a sweet cereal bar will make you hungry 15 minutes later, so you'll eat another and another, and you will still be hungry after eating 5 of them. Your lunch will never be enough, so you'll crave another sweet cereal bar 30 minutes later. I am not going to tell you this is just psychological and that you need meditation classes. You. Are. Hungry. The reason is simple, at the end of the day you ate more calories with the 5 granola bars that kept you hungry, while your blessed friend ate the same amount of calories in one meal that kept her full until lunch.

2. Break the stereotype

Have you heard about people who believe that those with wealth aren't good Samaritans? People who believe those stereotypes won't ever pursue money because they have a negative connotation about wealth. The same happens with appearance. If you believe good looking people are dumb or not smart enough, you will likely avoid every step that may lead to earn a good appearance. You will probably ask yourself "Do I really need to look good?", "I prefer to be smart than being skinny." We all have those thoughts at some point, but let's take our attention away from that, and ask: Do I feel good? How are my energy levels? How do I want to feel when I wake up in the morning?. The truth that sounds catchy, but it is nothing but the truth, it is that people who look good, feel good (...to be clear, nothing instagramable pretty is necessarily healthy). Feeling good doesn't only depend on eating healthy and exercising. Do you feel good after having a conscious glass of wine with a special person? Do you feel good after pizza night with movies with the whole family? If you do, you are not alone. It's all about moderation and self-regulation. Be honest with yourself in case you are using food as some sort of sedative.

You deserve to feel good!

3. Break the diet

There are so many diets out there. The truth is that no diet that you can't maintain for your whole life... like...forever, to infinity and beyond, is good. Lack of sustainability is the main reason why diets are broken. Read The Canada Food Guide (I'm not joking). Eating a variety of nutritious food will decrease unnecessary cravings, but if you follow a diet based on restrictions, you will resort to junk food in a moment of hunger and lack of time.

4. Take it easy

Many people who start a healthy lifestyle do it with passion. Then, the hustle is too high maintenance and they end up quitting. Administer your passion by taking one small change so easy to handle that you would crave for more . Make it low maintenance.

5. Start with why

The title of the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek doesn't only apply to brands and companies, it applies to your lifestyle too. You have to start with why. If being healthy doesn't mean anything to you or you just want to lose weight because everybody have told you so, or because this is what you see on social media, you won't commit to it. Your primary goal shouldn't be based out of appearance because it won't be sustainable. You have to find inside yourself what do you really want to change? What moves you? what inspires you? whether you feel rewarded for your hard work and dedication. You deserve to ask for that salary raise, you deserve to feel confident, you deserve that promotion but you need the energy and the strength to believe


Remember, life is too short to set so many restrictions, but a life worth living has to feel right.

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