Best Zumba Songs of 2018

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

2018 has been the year I officially digged into Zumba Fitness. Even though I started dancing in other disciplines, Zumba changed my life in so many ways, reason why I joined this community back in January. I wanted to list the best Zumba songs from 2017 and 2018:

1) Tus Besitos: This is a salsa pop song. Even though this is not official, my ear tells me the singer is Ronald Borjas, former member of a Venezuelan band called Guaco, which has a signature style and this song exposes such style vividly.

2) Pa' Venezuela: This song talks about how fun and beautiful is Venezuela, ending with a drum catarsis where the singer chants prayers to God to ask for the end of the current crisis hitting the south american country.

Zumba Instructor

3) Dura: This song was a hit when released because it brought back old school reggaeton rhythms. Its release was accompanied by the #durachallenge, which became viral on social media as all fans posted their dance moves to share with the world.

4) Bom Diggy: Beyond combining electro pop elements and indian influence, the song features English rap and Punjabi lyrics making it multicultural. Its exhilarated rhythim makes it perfect to throw a Bollywood workout.

5) Fogo: It's a collaboration song between a brazilian born artist (Julimar Santos) and the swedish DJ Garmiani. The Portuguese lyrics and percussion instruments makes us feel we are celebrating Carnaval in Rio De Janeiro. The choreo includes squatting and high knee combination, making it a total workout in just one song.

Can you comment your favourite 2018 Zumba song?

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