Canadian Female Musicians You Should Listen

Updated: May 27, 2021

Every 1st of July, we celebrate Canada Day. My favourite holiday! You can tell my English is Canadian because I write "favourite" instead of favorite and "colour" instead of color. Apart from language, Canada has made its own mark in the world of music by exporting artists of the quality of Leonard Cohen, Sarah Mclachlan, Diana Krall, Glenn Gould, Joni Mitchell, and Oscar Peterson among many others. As a relatively new Canadian, I would love to introduce you to some musical artists I think you will love.

Ellen Doty

She is a vocalist from Okotoks Alberta. I first knew about her when she performed at the legislature building in Edmonton during a Canada Day celebration, and I couldn’t help to stop and listen. Listening to her voice gave me the feeling that everything around you stops so you could just listen with the heart. Her jazzy style is influenced by Nat King Cole, Norah Johns, and Lauren Hill while at the same time keeping her own mark. You can listen to one of my favourite songs from her "Favourite Sweater"

Nice Horse

They are an all-female country band from Alberta who after spending time together on a trip to Hawaii decided to form a band as a hobby with the excuse of spending time together. Like, let’s get together and make some music! but this ended up in a full-time job that has led them to perform in different important events such as the Canadian Country Music Association's Music Week, and currently, they’ve been spending time in Nashville, the place where most Country music stars are recognized worldwide.

Charlotte Cardin

From Montreal, Quebec, Charlotte sings in two languages, English and French. She started in the spotlight as a model but her real passion was singing. So she enlisted for Le Voix which is the French Canadian version of The Voice, finishing the competition as one of the 4 top finalists. Charlotte's songs "Les échardes" and "Big Boy" shortlisted for a SOCAN Songwriting Prize finalist.

Les Duettes

This is a duet of two girls from Edmonton that I first heard at a Fringe Festival, I bought their album and I loved their style and the message they convey. I asked them if I could use one of their songs for my video farewell to Edmonton. Unfortunately, these girls dissolved their duette because they’re are now up to different paths in lives, but their music made its mark and stays alive on its own.

Rebecca Lappa

She is a folk, pop, and rock singer-songwriter winner of the Edmonton Music Award in 2019. She shows honest and mature storytelling in her songs. Her song Valiant of Vimy is dedicated to Soldier John Pattison awarded the Victoria Cross for his participation in the battle of Vimy Ridge in France.

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