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Eating The Real Stuff

Last week I was participating in a fitness class. At the end of the class the instructor said, "hey, you did great, but that doesn't mean you are going to go for dinner and order a burger, please order this or that instead..." she lost me. I'm sorry, but I'm freaking hungry right now! and if an elephant stands in front of me, he better run....well, I'm just joking.

I'm not going to lie, I have a weakness for food, especially sweets. I am not proud, but I can't deny who I am. I have managed to deal with my sweet tooth by eating healthy versions of the food I love during regular days, and eating the real stuff when I'm out for dinner or a vacation.

Some people may argue that these kinds of habits only create a placebo effect; however, I believe healthy versions are just transitions to educate your stomach. This healthy version of chocolate dip donuts calmed my need for a stop at Tim Horton's. Once I stopped putting that junk in my stomach, I just didn't need it anymore, a banana with peanut butter (ingredients present in the recipe) perfectly calmed my crave and I was Ok.

The thing is that working towards improvement is part of the journey, and a little change is always better than doing anything at all.


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