Learning From Pain

When life sends you lemons, you make that bittersweet appetizer no one admits liking, but no one can stop eating either.

My mom always says that at her age, it’s normal feeling pain somewhere; and if you re not feeling any pain, you’re probably dead. Certainly, I prefer to be alive and feel the pain, so here are some of the things that I have learned from my pain; in this case, my ankle pain:

To strengthen secondary muscles

We normally do the same exercises over and over again, which leads to overworking some muscles. Changing routines and adding variations can help you work muscles you forgot you had.

To be patient

Sometimes you have to wait and see; however, in this fast moving world waiting is undesirable; yet, sometimes is the only thing you can do and if you learn to manage the anxiety of waiting, you can manage everything else.

To try out new things

Have you thought changing something in your life, but then you don't take life-changing decisions because you don't want the side-effects? Side-effects are unavoidable, but sometimes in order to embrace them, you need a little pressure and a lot of "what the heck!" meaning you don't have anything to lose.

Building the right habits

Sometimes you have to screw it up to realize you need to do things right. Building habits for the right reasons is key to avoid wrong turns, but the good news is that you can always start over.


Dr. Seuss says, "you have to be odd to be number one". Anyone can be creative; actually, we are all very creative. Either when solving a problem at work, or at home when our children ask us how come they came out of a vagina. Creating makes you do things differently, improvise and adapt to the odds.

While there are occasions when a certain part of your body should take a rest, and even staying away from exercise altogether would be advised; getting the help of a personal trainer and the consent of your doctor can take you to a whole new world of physical activity.

As true believers that all that happens to you it’s all about perspective, here is a Seated But Heated Workout.

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