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Let's Get Musical!



💕The streaming of the movie American Woman will be available with free registration on January 14th. More info at alumni.innis.utoronto.ca

💕Junior Theatre Festival to go online this year. The online event will feature special performances by the best in Broadway. Registrations are $150 per person or $275 per group, and the show will run from January 15 to January 17. Register here.

Get Virtual Musical

🎵Salsa music is finally part of a Disney musical. Encanto is the new Disney animated film based in Colombia, and with music composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Watch the teaser.

🎵Justin Bieber premieres video clip of his new song Anyone. The story resembles Rocky Balboa's journey to win at the ring. The video could serve as a metaphor for what it takes to get back up after being knocked down: Stamina, hard work and somebody who believes in you.

Feel Awesome

🧘🏽‍The mediterranean diet ranked first in best overall diets for the fourth year in a row, because it’s easy to follow, prevents diseases and offers sustainable weight loss benefits. Additionally, the Mediterranean Diet combined with an active lifestyle is proven to improve heart and brain health.

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