Lorde quits social media to create, while Taylor Swift is counting on it

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Why Lord quitted social media, and you should too?

The singer of “Royals”, Lorde, quits social media because “it destroys the part of her brain that creates work” as she said. A staff psychiatrist of Brooklyn Minds, Dmitry Ostrovsky, affirms that the rise of social media has made us all "fishes in big ponds," referring to the constant comparison of ourselves against everybody else's curated pitch of themselves.

Decrease sedentary habits in three simple ways:

- Breaking 8-hour work periods of sitting into 3-minute walks every 2.5 hours,

- Exercising 30 minutes everyday, or 150 minutes a week,

- Reducing recreational screen time to less than 3 hours a day.

It's beginning to look..way on top of Christmas around Netflix

Starting with Dolly Parton’s Christmas on The Square to be available from November 22

Don't overlook your workout music

New research from the University of Toronto finds music enhances 75% durability of workouts. You may read more about the effects of music in Musical Sports blog post Please, Don’t Stop The Music.

Pay attention to the music that brings you peace also

There is music for every occasion, Ray LaMontagne’s celebration of 20 years of musical career, brings up some of the best soundtracks for calm times. Listen his latest album released.

René is the name of the Latin Grammy Award song of the year by puerto rican singer Residente.

“The saving account was empty, but mommy dancing flamenco saved the day” cites one of the verses from the critically acclaimed song, which touches the topic on depression by sincerely acknowledging that happiness is not inherent in fame and money.

A singer making her voice be heard

Taylor Swift takes to social media to announce she is re-recording her old hits, which rights where sold without her knowledge, and for a long time the singer hasn’t been able to make use of those songs in spite of having written them herself. Swift wrote a post on twitter explaining the situation to her fans who will be awaiting the release of the updated music.

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